Your health matters.

Our experts in natural and preventative medicine will protect it.


What you do matters too much to let your health get in the way.  

Your health matters. It matters because it enables you to do the things that bring life meaning – spending time with your grandchildren, going camping with your son, volunteering at the homeless shelter, walking your daughter down the aisle. You do great things and you need your health to do them. 

As your health deteriorates, the fundamental, soul filling activities that give your life meaning become laborious. You become less and less able to be an active participant in your life. Your health is a precious possession.

Unfortunately as a society we have taken our health for granted. Childhood obesity is on the rise, pre-diabetes is so common it is barely considered abnormal. Chronic pain diminishes 1 in 4 people’s quality of life. Being on more than three medications is the norm for most senior citizens. Cancer occurs in nearly 40% of people in the US. We are counting on our bodies to be there for us in years to come and yet most of us aren’t investing in that future.

We help prevent and reverse disease.

This path is not inevitable. At Day Family Medicine, our Naturopathic physicians are health and wellness experts who teach you how to regain your health and prevent disease. We combine the best of natural and conventional medicine into a unique treatment strategy which will allow you to feel vital again. You can feel better than you have felt in years. Even if you’ve failed at diet and lifestyle change time after time, we will help you make durable, long-lasting change.

What you do matters too much to let your health get in the way. Let us help. 





3 Steps to protecting your health

Meet with our health experts

Meet with our health experts

Get a detailed wellness strategy

Get a detailed wellness strategy

We help you execute that strategy

We help you execute that strategy


Meet your doctors

Our naturopathic physicians are excited to help you protect your health. Our lifes’ work is helping you live a full, fulfilling life. Read Dr. Andrew Day and Dr. Katherine Day’s story and learn about our expertise.