What we do.

Naturopathy changes lives. You can feel better than you have felt in years while also preventing disease. Many doctors focus on treating symptoms and not searching for the root causes of disease. They often don’t focus on improving quality of life and only minimally discuss disease prevention. That’s not how we practice. Feeling good is the natural outpouring of internal health and wellbeing. We will teach you how to tap into that state of well being.

We create individualized treatment plans tailored to your needs. Our knowledge of natural treatment strategies is comprehensive. Herbs, supplements, nutrition, mind/body medicine, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, and so much more are all in our wheelhouse. Having such a wide range of treatment tools at our disposal maximizes your chances of getting better. You will learn how to use these tools in the most effective way possible and you will avoid the inevitable pitfalls that occur when people try to self-treat.

If a higher level of intervention is needed, we can prescribe pharmaceutical medicines when necessary such as antibiotics, pain killers, birth control, hormones and blood pressure medication. Being able to prescribed medications means we can de-prescribe medications too! Imagine having more energy and less pain while on fewer medications. That’s a story many of our patients will tell you!

Prevention is a cornerstone of our practice. You can age gracefully. Many people go into retirement with a financial plan but without a wellness plan. You should enjoy the golden years of your life with your health intact. Let us teach you what it takes to be healthy in the long run.

Conditions we treat

The list is so long that it’s hard to put in one place. We treat everything from the common cold to lupus, from fibromyalgia to toenail fungus, from polycystic ovarian syndrome to pink eye. You get it. There are lot of things that we can be helpful for.

If your doctor has run out of ideas, we have treatment ideas that they did not have. While we both treat a wide range of conditions, Dr. Andrew has extra training in the assessment and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, mental health issues, chronic pain, and diabetes care. Dr. Katherine has extra training in women’s health (from PMS to endometriosis to menopause) and pediatrics.

If you have additional questions, give us a call or schedule an appointment. We’ll have you feeling better in no time.


Wellness Based Care

Ever feel like you should go to the doctor even though you aren’t sick? Many people feel this way at some point in their life, however when they tell their doctor about it their concerns are dismissed. That’s not how we practice. Teaching healthy people how to stay healthy and achieve optimal wellness is one of the most important things that a doctor can do. We are preventative medicine experts who will make sure you have the best shot at staying healthy for the long run.

A handful of herbs

Individualized herbal medicines, supplementation, diets, and more!

There is so much information out there on the use of alternative medicines. Everyone seems to have different opinions; confusion is the natural response. We will help you sort through that information and tailor a plan that fits you.

Love herbal medicine? We can help determine if an herbal approach would be effective for you. Did a family member swear that they found the perfect supplement for you? We can help you understand how that supplement works and whether or not it would actually benefit you. We have saved many of our clients hundreds of dollars by having them discontinue ineffective supplements! We want you to invest in medicine that works.