Success Stories

Simple stories of naturopathy changing peoples lives. These are true stories of patients that Dr. Kat and Dr. Andrew have seen. Names have been changed for privacy sake.


Hypertension and prostate issues

A 50 year old male, named Rob came to me for treatment of elevated blood pressure and frequent urination due to prostate enlargement. Rob was on an herbal supplement and a medication to help lower his blood pressure, but preferred to not be on any medication at all. He tried medication which helped his prostate symptoms, but it caused him to feel very agitated so he discontinued it. He was fed up with having to use the restroom at least hourly. We initiated dietary changes, prescribed an exercise regimen, taught him a breathing technique, and made him customized herbal tincture for his urinary frequency. With this combination, his blood pressure dropped 15mmHg in two weeks and he was able to get off the blood pressure herbal supplement that he was taking (which caused more side effects than the medication he was on!). The herbal tincture completely resolved his prostate symptoms within days. We are now working towards discontinuing his blood pressure medication and strengthening his pelvic floor to prevent future urinary issues. 

Life long insomnia

Mary came in with fatigue and life long insomnia. She didn’t have trouble staying asleep, but she would wake up at 3am wide awake. She was considering seeing a MD sleep specialist, but she was afraid they were just going to prescribe her a medication like ambien or trazadone. She had tried melatonin and improving her sleep hygiene which was difficult because her job often kept her up till late in the night. We tried three different herbal supplements. The first two helped minimally, but not enough to continue them. The third one was a game changer. She was finally able to sleep through the night. Her energy improved and she was able to handle life with more resilience.  



Muscle weakness with a statin

Trevor had a heart attack two years ago. His medical doctor prescribed a statin for him because in patients like him a statin has a 1 in 10 chance of preventing a heart attack within the next five years. He wanted to keep taking it, but his muscle were starting to feel weak. At the end of his weekly hike he felt that his feet were literally dragging behind him and he had started to have significant trouble (even worry!) about getting out of deep seats like they have in movie theaters. He had previously been on red yeast rice (a slightly weaker, herbal statin) which didn’t cause muscle weakness. We prescribed him some key nutrients which help reduce muscle pain in people who take statins, tweaked his diet to help optimally prevent a future heart attack, and taught him hip and glute strengthening exercises. In 6 weeks, he was out hiking again without issues and he didn’t have to discontinue the medication that he wanted to stay on.