Ways to pay.

Having choices is good. We offer our clients a choice between a membership model and paying for each visit individually. We do not directly bill insurance because insurance companies are not proactive about your wellness. They are not willing to pay doctors for spending the time it takes to educate you about being healthy, preventing disease, and your myriad of treatment options. We are breaking the medical model so that we can take better care of you!


Having trouble deciding if you should sign up for a membership or pay for visits individually?

Schedule a free fifteen minute meet and greet. We will help you make the best choice for your situation!


Fee for service

You are familiar with a fee for service model — it’s how we pay for almost every non-medical service such as accounting, plumbing and dog grooming. We provide high quality, patient-centered Naturopathic care as you need it and you pay for each visit. It’s as easy as that. We can accept a wide range of payment types.

Payment types:

  • We accept payment by credit card, check or cash.

  • We excepted FSA and HSA plans

  • We accept most Health Share coverage plans

  • Many insurance plans will covers visits as out-of-network. We will provide a super bill if requested.


  • Phone Call Meet and Greet (15 minutes): Free!

  • New Patient Visit (60 minutes): $200

  • Established Patient Visit (30 minutes): $100

  • Extended Established Patient Visit (45 minutes): $135

  • Additional Time Over Scheduled (per 10 minutes):  $30

  • Travel charges: WAIVED FOR 2019!

  • We also have packaged service options and fees for specific services such as on-call service, biofeedback and osteopathic manipulation.

Membership Model

A membership model gives you visits with a Naturopath and heaps of benefits at a predictable monthly cost. This model provides us flexibility to find the best ways to individualize care to you. Naturopathic consultations, accountability check-ins, wellness programs, supplement discounts and much more are included in the monthly fees.


  • 0 - 18 years of age: $75 per month

  • 18 and older: $90 per month

What you get:

  • Visits with a naturopathic physician included in the monthly price. No copays, deductibles or hidden charges.

  • Home visits at no additional cost.

  • Free accountability visits by phone or text to help make habits stick.

  • Access to our online wellness programs and preventative medicine programs.  

  • All patients start with a medical intake visit and a follow-up wellness visit to identify health goals and to develop an individualized plan that will help lifestyle changes become seamlessly integrated into your life.

  • No charge for on-call services – reach us after hours for time sensitive issues. We are not on call 24 hours (we have a young family), but you can reach us late into the night on week days and Saturdays.

  • Guaranteed response to online messages within 48 hours. 

  • Supplements at a maximum discount.

  • Coming soon: Electronic visits are available for minor issues and follow up

How to sign up:  

  • Schedule an appointment or give us a call to start the sign up process